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in urban jungle


Art Direction & Illustration

New and contemporary brand to help urban Millennials rule over their hectic, nomadic, on-the-go lifestyle. Urban Millennials want to look and feel clean, fresh and confident 24/7, and this includes much of the time when they do not have access to a bathroom or shower. In fact, for example, 70% of Americans wish they had skin and personal care products to cater to their hectic, “alwayson” and “on-the-go” lifestyle. So, most people develop a hack ... they’ll use baby wipes, moistened paper towels, spray more perfume bring a change of clothes, or suffer through it. These solutions don’t work well enough. They are too “lite” or coverups, and you never feel as confident as when you leave home ready for the day. Thrive is designed specifically for these on-the-go moments to outperform their current hacks.


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