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Concept & Illustaration

Graphic design for Rich juices to express its premium quality and taste.

The main target audience of Rich are men and women 25 – 45 years old, mainly city dwellers (500k+) with higher income. They are living alone or with partner, with or without kids. These are modern, more upscale Russian adults who aspire towards living and enjoying a healthy, beautiful life. They are perfectionists, self-motivated, self-relied, steady, continuously looking for new achievements and self-development.

The first key motivation for these people is - Give best to myself: «I always choose the best for my life» (in taste, health and beautiful esthetics). Secondly, success and the idea of achievements is very appealing to them. Therefore, it is important to be relevant for them, satisfy their motivations via giving them the feeling that they choose the best premium juice in category in taste as well as feel & look.

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