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Art Direction & Illustration


Kids’ dairy brand that appeals to both parents and kids by transforming the consumption experience into a unique fun moment.

Yoli, a new product concept, offers that will turn the moment of consumption into an experience of playfulness, discovery, learning, stimulation, or even empowerment…

Dairy products are naturally a part of kids’ daily diet as they provide good nutrients, however, kids’ dairy products have not evolved as much over time, both in terms of food forms and recipes, and design: Kids’ dairy brands usually attract kids with colorful packaging & a childish cartoon design, while only providing basic health reassurance to parents.

In the meantime, brands from other food categories like juices or cookies have done a great job appealing to both parents and kids. As a result, parents have become less confident about kids’ dairy brands: they may claim to help their children eat healthily and grow stronger, but they do not make them feel strongly enough that they are making the right choice for their children, both in terms of nutritional values and emotional benefit.

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